Dont cry for us Argentina


Frank Quinn writes: The Rugby Championship leads yet again

It was a bit uppity of the Sanzar countries that joined forces with Argentina for a new competition titled as above. But now that we know the reason - we are not jealous - we are double jealous

The four of them have carved up the RWC 2015 between them in the semi-finals and the only one of them without a RWC title is Argentina, The other three have two each - so the spoils will be passed around if the Pumas win, if not we will have a three time winner of the RWC from New Zealand, Australia or South Africa.

England remains the only other country with a RWC title from 2003. (From 8 editions)

What is the Rugby Championship (RC) doing so well as to make them the kings and what are we not doing well?

The videos for this years RC...

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